Image is not displayed when "Make cover" feature is used for newly created tasks


Just wanted to ask something about the “Make cover” feature for image attachments. I noticed that the cards migrated from Trello to Vikunja have their cover image displayed. However, when I tried creating new task, attach an image and make it as cover, it does not show up when viewed from Kanban.

I tried it on and it seems to work fine. I am using v0.23.0+564-42bfe107ae. Let me know how can I make this work or if you need more information.


Uploaded here as a reply since I am limited to one media per topic.


Does it show up when you reload the page?

It does not. I also tried logging out and logging in again.

Does this work when you try it with a task in a news project, not in one which was migrated from Trello?

I tried just now and yes, I was able to see the cover when I made a new task under a new project. So the issue is within the tasks created inside the projects that were migrated from Trello

Is there anything in the logs when you set it as cover or when you load the kanban view? (with the broken cover image)


There is nothing unusual in the logs. It looks like it displays .png file extension only and not .PNG. I changed the extension of Vikunja.PNG to .png, and it works both in the New Project and the project that was migrated from Trello.

Can you reproduce this when you manually upload a file with a .PNG extension and set it as cover image?