Background does not load

If I go from full-page Task view to the Kanban board view by clicking the breadcrumb link, then the background does not load in the Board view. Upon refreshing the board page, it loads again just fine.

I was not able to reproduce this. Can you check if it works on try? try runs the last unstable build, if it works there it’s already fixed.

Hey @kolaente I was able to reproduce it on Try instance as well.

I added a background to the “Test” list in the Demo account. Then if you go to this Task directly, you’ll see the Task in full view with background image loaded.

Then if I click the link “Test” under the #1 Test1, it takes me to the Kanban board view but the background image no longer loads.

The Task / List might be deleted by the time you see it so I’ve added the Screenshots :slight_smile:.

Was able to reproduce this, thanks!

Should be fixed in c27661107f - please check with the next unstable build (for example on try) if the bug is gone.

Thanks for quickly resolving it. I verified and it is working correctly now on the Try instance.