How To GTD In Vikunja?

I’m new to Vikunja. I’m coming from a combination of Nirvana GTD and Notion. I am hoping I can setup a GTD like workflow within Vikunja (Inbox, Next, Waiting, etc, Tags, Contexts, etc) plus also have the benefit of Vikunja’s project tooling. Are there any guides for setting up Vikunja from a productivity workflow perspective?

Maybe you can use the kanban style.

Create a new projekt, select kanban and creates the columns

do you mean this?

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Thank you for the response.

If possible, I am hoping to maintain Inbox, Next, etc as separate lists which I can easily transfer individual tasks between for everyday/standalone todos. Then use Gantt and Kanban for specific projects.

EDIT: It could be I am being too rigid in my expected workflow having used GTD for so long. Is there any guides on expected workflow for using Vikunja for everyday tasks in addition to dedicated project lists?

I think you can definitely set up a GTD-like workflow within Vikunja, combining elements like Inbox, Next, Waiting, tags, and contexts, while still leveraging Vikunja’s project management features.

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Thanks annadisuza. Do you know of any guides for setting it up or general productivity workflows in Vikunja? I have only found technical information on install and config.


After installing Vikunja, start by creating your first namespace. Think of namespaces as broad categories or projects. Within each namespace, create lists for more specific tasks or sub-projects. Add tasks to your lists. Make sure to fill in all relevant details, including due dates, descriptions, and tags to categorize your tasks. Use subtasks to break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps.


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Thanks for the response. Sorry to be so ignorant but is there a guide explaining namespaces, projects and how to create nested lists beneath them?

Another question.

If I understand correctly, I could create a namespace called Everyday for everyday standalone tasks and have my GTD lists there under. e.g.


  • Inbox
  • Next
  • Waiting
  • Scheduled
  • Someday

Then have dedicated projects with their own tasks broken out into separate namespaces? If that works, how do I create the different lists underneath Everyday in the above example?

Namespaces were an old concept in Vikunja which don’t exist any more. Instead, you can create subprojects. To do that, simply select the parent project when creating a project or create a project from the dot menu on a project in the navigation.

In that case you would create a new project called Everyday and create projects underneath that for each GTD list. Personally, I would go with the kanban approach outlined by @percent above.