How to best transfer tasks and namespaces between installations

Hi, thanks for developing Vikunja!

I initially installed it on a shared server to try it out with some colleges, unfortunately I was the only one really adopting it. So now I am thinking about moving the content of said installation to another server.

The second “unfortunately” comes through the fact that on the other server I also have Vikunja already installed for private use with some tasks stored as well (in both cases same username, just different password and email). So my challenge is basically to merge both installations.

I have seen the vikunja dump/restore commands and seen that a dump is basically the content of the installation split out in individual json files. Is it a good idea to try to merge the json files from dumps of both installations? Will vikunja restore overwrite existing data such as users/tasks?

Or do you see another way to export a single users tasks to reimport them on another installation?

I am not in a real hurry to merge the two installation, just would like to have it done to care for one installation less. If it helps I can offer a 100€ bounty to make the migration easier.

vikunja restore will wipe everything that’s currently installed. So for now, merging two dump files is your only option. If you do that manually, you’ll need to make sure any relation ids (namespaces → lists → tasks and such) don’t overlap each other from the two dumps.

That would certainly help :grinning: I plan to have a feature that allows exporting and reimporting all user data (pretty much like the dump/restore commands, but for individual users). I guess that just got moved higher up the list.

Sure thing. Should I send the money through If you’re in in europe I could also bank transfer the money.

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Just replied to your email :upside_down_face:

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This is now implemented and just landed in the latest unstable release! PR


Hi @kolaente,

thats great news, I hope that I can give this a spin later today.

One quick question: you said that the whole system restore would wipe the data of an existing installation, is that still the case with a per user restore? Would it delete the data my user already has in their Vikunja account?

Per user imports will keep all existing data.

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