Migrating from self-hosted instance

Hi there,

For various reasons I decided to migrate from a self-managed instance to the cloud instance of Vikunja, one of them being wanting to support the project - nice job! :heart_eyes:

However I encounter a 500 server error when trying to import the export from my vikunja instance. I read here that the source and destination instances must run the same version, so I updated my version to the one running on the cloud (i.e. I upgraded from v0.21.0 to v0.21.0+203-46683a2516). I see that version also in my zip exports VERSION file. That doesn’t seem to help however, still getting the same error. I don’t recall having anything fancy data-wise on my instance. I tried to rename the default project on both my and the cloud instance, also to no avail.
Is there a chance you could look into this?

huh, that should not happen. When did you try to import? I’ll take a look at the logs.

My original attempts were on the 19th November. I just retried at 16:00 CET but I still only receive errors.

I’ve checked the logs, do you have archived projects in there?

Nope, I don’t remember archiving any nor do I see any archived in the project list.

This should be fixed now. Can you check again?

Sorry for the late reply, december and all :slight_smile:
The import works now, awesome! I realized that tasks are missing formatting, even though the markdown is all fully restored.

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