I got it to work once... and I have never gotten it to work again ;-;

Dear Vikunja Community and Team,

I have encountered some difficulties over the past week while attempting to get Vikunja to work, and I have unfortunately hit a roadblock. My server runs on Debian and relies on podman/podman-compose.

Initially, I managed to successfully set up Vikunja and even create a few users without any issues. However, I decided to enhance the security of the server by adding an nginx proxy, hoping to provide myself with some peace of mind. This is where things started to go wrong.

Despite following five tutorials and thoroughly reading the nginx proxy documentation, I have been unable to relaunch Vikunja successfully. I have tried various troubleshooting steps such as checking the Podman network, adding and removing the Vikunja containers and folders, and even relocating the folders to different locations. Moreover, I have modified the server ports to no avail.

My goal was to quickly have Vikunja up and running, but unfortunately, this project has been nothing short of a week-long troubleshooting endeavor, filled with constantly encountering new errors. At this point, I have exhausted all known resources and am unsure of what to do next. Reinstalling podman or my operating system remains an option of last resort.

I believe my main challenge lies in port management and IP directing. If anyone has any suggestions or possible solutions, I am open and willing to hear them.

The furthest I have gotten again without a proxy is that screen that says my http://ip:api/v1 is incorrect

Thank you for your attention, and I greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide.


Can you share your proxy config?

Can you reach the frontend or api in your browser?

I’m sure you won’t need to do that :upside_down_face: