[FIXED] Edge case "Error: invalid time value" when running Vikunja as Fluid App (macOS)

This a very edge case and maybe not related to Vikunja, but I still thought it was worth to post it here.

When opening Vikunja through Fluid (https://fluidapp.com/) which simulates a macOS by using a minimal browser, when trying to edit date related fields (due, start, reminder, etc.) I get the error: “Error: invalid time value”. This is grabbed from the Fluid browser console.

Just to let you know that it was probably due to some limitation of the embedded browser inside the Fluid App. I have tried converting Vikunja with a trial of BZG’s Unite 4 (same purpose, but tailored for macOS, and paid) and no problem with dates at all.

To me this sounds like Fluid is using Safari for rendering which had issues with dates in Vikunja. Has recently been fixed though: #207 - Invalid time value for starting date with Safari - frontend - Gitea

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