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i just wanted to share that that i cannot log in by using the MS Edge Chromium.
Firefox works.

What exactly did happen? Any error messages? Does it work on the demo instance?
What exact version are you using? I was able to log in just fine with version 90.0.818.62.

I am using 90.0.818.51 right now. I will try the new version
My Vikunja is sill on 16.0 also

Edit: I checked the new version of edge now, still not working. Do you think it could be connected to the old api version? I am planing to look into how to update it next week

Mhhh it could be related to the API but I don’t think it is.
Are there any errors in the browser console?

I was also able to log in with Version 92.0.884.2 (Dev version on manjaro Linux).

i can still reproduce the issue in Vinkuja Version 0.17. Could it be connected to the new edge datasecurity options? mine is set on very strong, but i dont see anything being blocked for vinunja

edit: the browser console is saying:


That sounds like edge is blocking loading the frontend files. So it could very well be the security options, but maybe also caused by some server configuration (CORS or something like that).

Does it work on try?

I’ve set everything to strict and enabled all block settings I could find in the “Privacy, search, and services” section of Edge’s settings and Vikunja still works.
This is in an up-to-date windows 10 vm.

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Thanks for Testing and Replying, i was able to fix the problem by clearing the Cache/Cookies for the Frontend-Site in my browser.

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