Filter won‘t be saved

Hey there,
I am using a Self hosted Version of vikunja.
Since I am using it, it is so: when I set a Task to „Done“ there is in the Filters an Option, to hide done Tasks.
When I Use this Filter and change to a different List or close vikunja and Open it again, this Filter is reset.
Is this a Bug or is this Useful for anything I do Not know jet?
Hope for your Tipps.
Kind regards

That’s intended behavior. If you want to persist filter settings, you need to create a saved filter (under “projects” → “create saved filter”).

Hey Kolaente,
thanks for your fast reply. Can you precise your discription a little bit more?
I can not find a Button “Projects” anywhere?
Maybe I only oversee it but I have looked everywhere and I also changed the language from german to english, just to see it, but I still cant find it.

The naming convention changed from “Namespace” to “Project” in the latest update, so if you are using an old Version of Vikunja the saved filters should be shown under the “Namespace” Tab i believe.

This may be intentional and there are good arguments for it, but it is not very user-friendly in terms of usability. In other applications it is usually possible to save such filters for individual projects. I know this is perhaps a feature that is not quite as important as others at the moment, but I would ask you to keep it in mind.
These are just my 2 cents.

Not sure if the functionality has improved since you posted but I stumbled upon this after looking for it within 1 project and not finding it. As was mentioned, this is done on the main ‘project’ landing page, which i completely missed. Once you add a saved filter they appear on your menu above projects. And within a saved filter you can specify which project you would like it to apply to which means worst case you could duplicate the saved filter for each project. If you have many projects and many filters the list would be long though.