Filter Sorting By Due Date

It would be appreciated and make filters a bit more useful for some of my usecases (filtering out “at that moment” irrelevant tasks for that context by only filtering for needed lists) to sort by the due date (e.g. similar to overview/current tasks where it is sorted by due date)

Thanks in advance!

To clarify what I mean (and I see this currently in a test filter I made in try)

How do I sort this filter to be in this order
testc → test3 → test2 → testb → test1 → testa

And if there currently isn’t a way to do this, this is what my feature request is about.

Thanks in advance.

If it was intended that the list view of a filter is not supposed to sort those, then this issue can be ignored. It would be nice to hear if this was intended or not though.

EDIT nevermind, I thought of a workaround, but I need to report a bug that seems to ocurr, but as this is feature discussion it is irrelevent.

Right now it’s not possible to sort filter results. This has come up a few times now, I’ve added an item to the backlog.