Feature Request: Give Gantt Charts an hour view

I would like to see how my time is reserved on an hour-to-hour basis. Can Gantt charts be given an “hour” view?

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We’re currently in the process of rebuilding the gantt view - we might tackle an hourly view after that.

This is a very smart workaroud to implement a time blocking view for day planning !
I had try to do this by connecting my Tasks to my calendar so I could implement time blocking but Vikunja doesn’t work with calendars.

+1 for this feature !!

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… yeah if I’m being honest, “Time blocking view” is what I was going for - the GANTT view just happens to match the need really well.

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I completely agree with you. A built-in agenda in Vikunja is a must for me and for the people I work with, so that we can be in control of which tasks are schedule for each day (even a 3-day view would suffice).

The lack of a calendar view is really a limiting feature in Vikunja (tough one of the few :slightly_smiling_face:) and in my opinion would boost the user productivity and ease of scheduling tasks without ending up with too many unwanted tasks for each day.

@Epic_Null You could use a workaround like this one:

Where you create a List in Vikunja and leverage the Kanban view to organize the tasks like so. However, for me, this defeats the purpose of organizing your tasks in Lists.

A real implementation suggestion (@kolaente, @dpschen) could be done with a calendar integration:

  • One-way sync (Weaker implementation):
    In this implementation, there could be a CalDav subscription link from Vikunja (for all tasks, or per project), that the user could subscribe to in their preferred calendar application

  • Two-way sync (Stronger implementation):
    This implementation is much stronger and not only enables the view of the user tasks in the calendar app, but also enables the user to move and/or change the start-end time with these actions synced back to Vikunja
    This is seen in the Google Calendar implementation on Todoist (Use Google Calendar with Todoist).
    The open-source Tasks app (GitHub - tasks/tasks: Bringing Astrid Tasks back from the dead) is even better with this: you can choose in the app settings a default calendar for which the tasks to synchronize, or you can choose a different calendar at the time of the task’s creation.

There will be changes to the caldav implementation in the future to enable the two-way sync you’re describing for calendar events as vikunja tasks. This already works with the Tasks app though.

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Yeah this feature would be so helpfull !

For the Tasks app, it only works if you create the task in the Tasks.org app. Otherwise, tasks created in Vikunja and synced to the Tasks app are not added to your calendar