Expand/Retract Subtasks under main task

I hope that nobody has addressed this here before. I wasn’t able to find anything.

It would be really nice if the subtasks could be hidden on the List view of a project. If you add many subtasks, the list can get really long and confusing to look at. I would like to be the subtask more like a step in Microsoft’s To do. Maybe the progress of the main task could also be updated according to the amount of subtasks being done.

Do you mean this?


Do you want to hide them completely or only show them as usual tasks?

I would like to hide them completly.

For example, I’m currently studying for a few exams, so I add the exam itself as main task and every lecture I have to go through as subtask to assign them to days in the Gantt chart. I’d like to be able to hide those subtasks to make the list of tasks more concise and make the main task expandable, so if I want to see the subtasks, I just click on a button on the main task and then they show up. And maybe add a label to the main task, like “Subtasks done: 3/20”.

Currently, the list looks like this

I would like setting to change it to a more concise way if you regularly have many sub-tasks like it’s implemented in Microsoft’s To do.

I know that I could use labels to filter them, but then I have to do that every time I look on my dashboard.
It would also make tho overview a bit more useful, because these small and unimportant subtasks I’m tracking push some important tasks away.

Sounds like you’re looking for checklists:

Items on a checklist are part of the task and not an actual task, they won’t show up as tasks in the other views.

Checklists show up with a little indicator in the list and kanban views:


For my own learning, I usually create a project per exam and then have a task for each “thing” I need to learn (can be a topic, execises, anything - depends on the lecture). I then use buckets in the kanban view to group these tasks by chapter.

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Thanks for the fast response.

That’s really close to what I’m looking for.

Is there a way to assign these checklist-items a day on the Gantt chart?
If not, I will just add the date behind the name of the point in the checklist.

No, the checklist items won’t show up on the gantt chart, they’re just entries in a checklist.