Error pinning the list to favorites

I am currently testing the latest version of the api in a docker container with the tag 0.18.1. I created a Team, and assigned users to it, as well as assigned a general to-do list to this team. So when another user who is a member of the team tries to add a shared to-do list to favorites, he gets an error:
Request failed with status code 404
The user does not exist.

Error in the api logs:
2021-09-15T11:54:35.22478278 Z: ERROR :arrow_forward: handler/UpdateWeb 19c User does not exist [user id: 0]

Here is short video about this error:

I have the same Error.

That looks like a bug. Will take a look.

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Fixed in d7e47a28d4 - the CI is currently releasing a new unstable release. Please test with that to see if the error is fixed.