Namespace color change/reset removes lists from namespace

Hi, first of all let me say I love this app!

Just did a fresh install and while figuring out how I’ll be using the app I noticed the following:

When I either assign, change or reset a namespace color, any lists in that namespace disappear from it. The lists are not deleted because I can see them in the overview but there is no option to reassign the orphaned lists to a Namespace.

Not sure if this is a bug or just faulty configuration on my side. I’m using Docker with Traefik.

Edit: Just found out that when I edit a single list that disappeared from the namespace, all the lists reappear.

What do you mean with “they disappear”? In the menu? In the namespaces & lists page? Is that reproducable on try?

It displays the namespace but as if it was a new one with zero lists in it.

Upon refresh the lists within the namespace are restored

On the topic of editing namespaces, how can they be reordered? I see in the API for reordering lists and tasks (issue #115), but do not see any implementation from that issue/related pull-request regarding namespace position

Not sure if the gif is useful… Anyway, I meant that the lists disappear from the namespace navigation menu on the left. Where I first said I had to edit a task for it to reappear it now seems the page just needs a refresh like zimmra suggests.

Hope this helps.

Can confirm this is a bug. Will look into a fix.

I’ve just pushed a fix for that in 77f8b27dc6. Please check with the next unstable release (should be ready in ~30 Min on try and for download.