Editing task titles to add a space and other text is buggy


After adding a task to a project, when I tried to edit the task to add more information (with spaces), the space is ignored. I have duplicated this in try.

The workaround for me currently is to save it with the extra text, and then add the spaces inbetween afterwards, but it is a bit clunky to do it this way at times.

E.G. (to simplify it)

  • Create a task with title “test” in any project
  • Enter the task view
  • Try to update the task (without copy and pasting) “test 123”
  • Currently this turns into “test123” rather than “test 123”
  • (The workaround as mentioned above is to save it, for example, save “test123,234,345” and then manually add the spaces again to make it “test 123, 234, 345”)
  • (Another workaround currently is to write it and paste it from another source…)

I haven’t looked at the code in question for this, but I believe the removal of the trailing whitespace might be a bit too aggressive?

Just to clarify, are you talking about the task description or the title? I couldn’t reproduce it with neither.

Which browser were you using?

The task title

Browser: Firefox

I can try to record a video later if needed.

A video would help a lot!

@kolaente Hi. Sorry, I got busy for awhile with work and personal projects so this was stuck in my later tasks for awhile.

I noticed after one of the recent firefox updates after I upgraded to the latest packages… This does not seem to be an issue now with the latest version of firefox (124.0.1). (I still see it as an issue on firefox 123.0.1 on one of my other boxes)

I am marking this as resolved/as the solution.