Don't require setting specific due date time

Would it be possible to not require a specific time for a task to be completed? I have some tasks that I just want to do on a specific day, but I don’t care about the specific time. I know the default is everything is due at noon which is OK but not ideal IMO.

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What time would you suggest be the new default then? Midnight? 8am? If you have tasks you want to last the whole day, you could use a calendar for that, because those seem like events to me rather than reminders or todo list items.

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A quick workaround I have in mind would be to just set the due time to 23:59 on the day you want. Would that work for you?

Like a normal calendar? Not really what I want. I have too many daily tasks for that to be viable and I prefer a task list so I can organize, prioritize, etc.

Yeah it works and it’s not a dealbreaker for me. It’s just there are some tasks where I don’t have a specific time in mind to get it done. Just whenever I get the chance, I just want to get it done that day. Is there a way to set a default due time so I don’t have to manually set it every time I create a new task?

Right now there’s no way to do that. It will instead try to figure out a time based on the current time.

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