Does anyone find task numbers on kanban tiles useful?

For myself, the task numbers bear no relation to the order the tasks get carried out in, they’re essentially just visual clutter on the kanban tiles.

(I know Kanboard does something similar - but it uses the number as a hook for a quick access menu.)

I know Vikunja table view allows sorting by task number.

My question remains, does anyone find it useful to sort by task number in the table?
Does anyone find it useful that task number is shown on the kanban tiles?

Thetask number is primarily meant to have something unique to refer a task by. As such, I use it especially when working with other people. While it may not be that useful in the list views I think it still has value there because it makes it very easy to identify two tasks with a similar name side by side.

For the list view, you can also just hide the number.

I can see the task number is potentially useful, thanks.

I do have the number hidden on list views.

I wonder if moving the number under the title would make things a little cleaner, at the beginning of the line with any labels etc.

I think that could work. I’m not sure how to handle the green done label in that case though as they are now in the same line with the number. They might work at the begining of the task title though.

Or maybe just an option to hide the numbers on kanban entirely?

not useful in my POV too