Kanban and 'Done' tasks

I’ve been moving a pile of tasks from Kanboard to Vikunja the last couple of days and it’s got me thinking about how ‘Done’ tasks are dealt with.

I’ve followed the Kanboard way of having a ‘Done’ bucket on my boards, then dragging tasks I’ve marked done into that bucket.

But Kanboard has a nice option to collapse the done bucket, making it a much thinner and hiding the tasks within it. In Vikunja I now have very full Done buckets with lots of bright green Done flags adding a lot of visual clutter.

I know I can hide the done tasks using a filter, but the done bucket still takes up a lot of horizontal screen space.

I also realize it’s WIP and likely to be improved. I’m just wondering how other people deal Done Kanban tasks at the moment.

My current workaround when using vikunja-desktop is just to make the window narrow enough that the done bucket isn’t visible without scrolling =D

Currently there’s no solution for that. I like the idea of collapsing buckets, I’ve added it to the backlog.

Just curious, how did you migrate the tasks from Kanboard to Vikunja?

Note that in Kanboard the collapsed ‘done’ bucket is still usable as a target to drop Done tasks onto.

Oh, I migrated them by hand. Turns out right click to paste isn’t working in Vikunja-desktop, from reading round it seems to be a common problem in electron apps, on Linux at least.
ctrl-v works.