Docker exits with 139 error

I’ve been trying to setup Vikunja on my raspberry pi, however i’ve run into the following error when starting the docker image.

$ sudo docker compose up
[+] Running 1/0
 ✔ Container admin-vikunja-1  Created                                                                                                                                                                 
Attaching to vikunja-1
vikunja-1  | info: creating the new user vikunja with 1000:1000
vikunja-1  | usermod: no changes
vikunja-1 exited with code 139

Thinking it might have something to do with the latest update (as I’ve got it running on a different pi before), I changed the image to ‘vikunja/api’. Here it does get to the point of showing the message that the image is deprecated without other errors.

Any ideas if something in the last update could cause this error?

Not sure what could cause this. Which Pi are you using?

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 running Ubuntu 23.10

Does it work with the latest unstable build or when you run the binary directly?

Same error using unstable.
Using the binary works! I’ve used this binary: vikunja-unstable-linux-arm-6 (ideally I would still prefer to use docker though)

Does it work if you pin the image to 8d2c791bc99e92f0b634cca5fab92eeef8d4b269a88c23ddc6279270346b591c? That’s the sha hash for the arm6 variant.

That made it work. Some how using latest also works now? But using unstable or 0.23.0 still gives error 139. Quite strange. Anyways, adding platform: linux/arm/v6 also resolved this. So somehow docker manager to pull the wrong platform. Anyways, thanks for the help!