Custom fields for tasks

It would be really nice to have some custom fields.
Maybe Labels could address some of this, but I don’t think all use cases, otherwise the label list becomes long and unwieldy.
Labels are a great but they’re pretty clumsy for managing many categorisation needs.

I think that could be a good use case for a plugin (once we have a plugin api).

What use-case do you have that cannot really be solved with labels?

I’m thinking some attribute of the task.
It would likely change according to the namespace

So a task in a list in a namespace for Servers might need custom fields for RAM_Size, Disk_size, Host_platform

Whereas a task ina lis in a namespace for domains might need custom fields of registrar, dns_provider, client

With 4 x ram_size, 4 x disk_size, 4 x platform, 4 x registrar, 4 x dns_provider, 20 x client, you would have 40 labels. And it would only grow from there. 40 labels is a lot to manage, even with some colour-coding.

Side note : the text on a colored lable is not easy for me to read. Is there a way to increase font size ?

Anyway, maybe you have different way in mind to manage that kind of use case.
And sorry if I am missing the obvious in how to use the app for that.

Thanks for the clarification. I think that’s a good use case.