Change default set colors


I am using Vikunja and it’s perfect! But I would like to ask you if is it possible to change the default set color for the tasks.
We can open the task and click on ‘Set color’ and it will show us 6 default colors or you can add your custom. My question is… Can I change those 6 default colors? Or save my custom?

I saw that those colors are defined in the ColorPicker.vue file, but as I am using Docker I can not find this file in the container.

Someone can help me? Or just let me know if it is possible or not.

Currently, you can’t change this.

The vue file you’re referencing is compiled to a bundle with everything else, hence you won’t find it.

Oh … so bad. I asked because those colors are so intense as background, should be soft colors, for example the red color should be #FF8C85 and not #FF4136