Bug: "% Done" is displayed as 0.9% instead of 90% in the table view

Hi, I am not sure I am posting it in a right place, just I could not find where to put it, as there is no bug report section in this forum.
Anyway, here is the bug I have encountered: values in “% Done” column in the table view are displayed as e.g. 0.9% instead of 90%.


Yes, that is indeed a bug, looks like I missed that when initially implementing it. I’ll put up a fix later today.

(The %done value is saved as a float in the database. Therefore the value is always between 0 and 1).

Posting bugs here is fine per se, I’ll just add a bug category and move it.

I’ve pushed a fix in b85f66140b8393578fbe8eb2b8ab3d1ee0c85c60.
A new release is ready from the downloads page (master).