Backend Windows builds: Virus detection (false positives?)

Hello, just looking at starting trying out Vikunja, and wanted to run it on a windows machine for a short bit to see if I wanted to put it on a dedicated box. However, it seems to be tripping up a few antiviruses. Here’s the virustotal pages for the amd64 and x86 builds.

Are these false positives or is there a chance there might be something wrong with the package? The pgp signature seems to match, as well as the sha256 sums for the individual executables.

That should be a false positive. I’ve re-uploaded the binaries you uploaded with the same result, also the latest unstable binary and still got some warnings, but less of them: VirusTotal

It looks like that’s rather common for Go binaries: some scanners from triggers false-postive · Issue #14 · lian/msfs2020-go · GitHub

If you’re really worried the binary might contain a virus I’d suggest compiling it yourself.

Excellent, good to know and thank you for the fast response!

The pre-builts should be enough for me for now, I just want to play and see if I can pitch to my team about spinning it up on EC2.

Thanks again!

Great to hear, feel free to ping me if you have any issues setting it up.