Vikunja-v0.19.0,19.1,19.2-windows Showing as having Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.H!ml

All 19.0 and higher versions of [vikunja-v0.19.X-windows-4.0-386.exe-full] appear to be detected withTrojan:Win32/Wacatac.H!ml. Version 18.1 doesn’t get detected as having a trojan.

How can I verify this?


Can only upload 1 image since I am new, have screen shots of each version.

And which tool is that?

the build in av/malware in windows 10. I tried scanning the file with malwarebytes but windows quarantines the files to quick.

Are unstable versions detected as well?

Both vikunja-unstable-windows-4.0-386.exe-full and vikunja-unstable-windows-4.0-amd64.exe-full from the unstable appear fine.

That’s weird. Sounds like a false positive.