Auto tagging for projects

Hi! I’m pretty new to Vikunja, I have it deployed as my local todo list for work and life tasks, it’s been a great experience so far :slight_smile:

I have one feature request: the ability to ‘auto tag’ a task that is created in a specific project.
Context: I have a short list which contains my daily todo that I fill up at the end of the day for the next day’s task. I have a long list which I dump in things that need doing but I don’t use up mental energy trying to make sure I remember it, these get pulled over into the short list. I have a work list (this is outside of my Github tasks that I’m working on, admin stuff and so on), and other project lists (specific projects I’m working on, could be a DIY project I break up into smaller tasks, personal coding projects etc). Each of the lists is a Project. I want to be able to auto tag tasks created in those Projects so then when I drag the task into my short/daily list, it’s highlighted with the project tag/label so I can prioritise accordingly depending how my day is structured.

Is this feasible, and/or easy? I’m a coder so I’m happy to have a go myself, is this a feature that I could submit a PR?

Thanks for the great software :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for your feedback!

I like the idea, but I’m not sure if that’s something that should be implemented into Vikunja. It’s not exactly straight forward to implement (you’d need to keep track of which project a task is moved from, and a bunch of other stuff). Maybe there’s a way to add it via a workflow using webhooks (triggered when the task is moved), adding the labels after moving?