Auto generate weekly report

An ability to generate weekly report will be a very nice feature.
The report will include list of tasks completed during last 7 days and list of all other tasks with some information like progress, priority, due date etc.
We can discuss more if there is a will to implement

There’s been a discussion about this in the past, mostly in combination with logging what has happened to a task (like github does it). The data saved from this could be used to generate reports.

I was unable to find the discussion. But I am thinking about adding view not very different from task list view. Only to add completed last 7 days tasks at the beginning, and then remining tasks. For each task put below task name all comments added in past 7 days. Seems like not very complicated to implement.
If there is be also option to export this view as XML format, it will be easy for anyone who want to format it in the different way.

Are you looking more for an overview of everything that happened within a list in the last 7 days? Or are you looking for an overview of tasks which were done in the last 7 days?

It’s not very complicated to implement per se, but it requires logging every action happening so that we could do the report.

Since the whole api is returning json for everything I won’t start returning xml only for the report. It’ll be in json though.

The idea is to create report of the work done in the last 7 (may be a parameter as well) days. So, completed tasks is important part of it.
I am not sure it is needed to log all actions (but will not hurt either). At least for the beginning I think it is enough to show comments added in the last 7 days for each task. Progress percent’s change may be useful as well.
Json is good. Just need button to get it.

I think you can already do that at least via the api (the GUI does not have it).{listID}~1tasks/get

I can do many things. I just looking for the convenient time saving way to do things :slight_smile:
I am just proposing thing that will help me. Of cause it is your decision to implement them or not.