API error and lost data after update

Unfortunately after following the instructions on what changes needed to be done for the docker to update to the latest version, it did not recover my data and was unable to start. I had to start fresh. However, now I’m running into the API address not being accepted. It worked completely fine before the update for over a month, and now it just will not work. What’s weird is that I set the public and API addresses, and then the API address allowed me to access Vikunja, but not the normal Vikunja frontend address. This is what I get with the front end now:

Is this the web frontend or the desktop client? Are you exposing the web frontend on the same domain as the rest of Vikunja?

@Izaic could you please share the docker config (specifically environment variables) and - if applicable - your Vikunja config? I’m running the docker setup as well and there’s no issues on this end.

Regarding the data - that should mostly be stored in the database. Which database setup are you using?

It’s working again. I did not think to grab logs, but it errored out after it updated saying something about the database the day I posted this. I then nuked everything and used the config on the website as a template to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong with the config, and I was still getting the API error. However, I believe the API error may have been related to me deleting and recreating the DNS entries on NGNIX, as the next day it started working fine.

Going forward to avoid something like this I’ve set the version from “latest” to a set version. I can then wait a few days before updating and make sure I’m prepared with backups and a clone of the virtual machine the server is in.