1st time login error

Hi All,
I have installed vikunja via docker on unraid os
All installs ok and seems to be running, but when I goto login
I get a 405 error

Anything I need to check please

I also noticed on my login page theres no register button

How did you set it up? Can you send your config?
It looks like the frontend can’t reach the api, can you access it manually in the browser at /api/v1/info?

Setup in unraid docker via community apps
Docker config

api logs

In the log its says config file not found, Im guessing thats why my api backend is constantly stopping

Oh I didn’t know there was an unraid app. Who created that? As I don’t know anything about unraid I’m not sure if I can help you with that. Maybe the creator can help you better?

The error message looks like Vikunja can’t access your database. Are you sure the credentials are correct? Are you sure the vikunja api container can reach the database host?
The error message about the config file does not matter in your case because the docker image uses environment variables instead of a config file.

Got the database to connect…but on login page, I still dont see register button

and when trying to give a username and password I get 405 error

Web browser developer options

What’s the actual response from the login request? (The one in red from dev tools) Does it show up in the api log?

That’s not the full log. There should be a line like “http server started” at the bottom.

Can you reach the api at /api/v1/info?

Thats the full log with an api container restart

thats what I get in browser going to /api/v1/info

I am using linuxserver SWAG container for web server, if that helps

What’s the response in Dev Tools from the login request? (The one that shows up as red in the network tab)

Are you sure you set up the connection between the api and the frontend correctly? In the frontend, either enter the api URL (the one you used to access the /info path in the browser) or set the env variable for it.

I went a different route, I installed docker and docker-compose on a linux vm
and installed via your docker walkthru, and it worked

Docker in unraid os is a little touchy at times
Thanks for trying to help me with my issues

Glad it works now! Maybe tell the author of the vikunja unraid app so they can put up a fix or better docs.