Open the new task created automatically

Is there a switch or environment variable I can set so everytime I create a new entry, it automatically opens it after i press the add button?

Currently, there is no such option.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I find Vikunja amazing. Once there are lots of things on the go, it gets a little cumbersome adding something and then having to press ctrl-k to find it, and then open it. The title is one thing(and some of the syntax magic you can add), but filling out the body (sometimes even adding attachments) is always the priority in my workflow.

I would love if there was a way to focus/select what was just added so that it can be completed (in terms of the additional details added to it.

Even just having a new button that can be pressed next to each project that takes you to an empty form awaiting all fields to be filled out (cursor focused on Title), that would be amazing.

Can i make a enhancement request for this? Do i do it here? Or perhaps GitHub? Or what are your thoughts in general? Perhaps this is unreasonable or doesn’t fit within what you had initially designed or intended use?


There are plans to build some kind of Wizard where you can create a task with all attributes step by step, rather than creating a task with only the title and then having to click it manually.

You can also already create tasks with the quick actions (ctrl+k) and it will redirect you to the created project after that. It will automatically look for a project in the following order:

  1. Specified as part of the quick add magic syntax (use # followed by the project name)
  2. The current project, if you have a project or task opened
  3. The default project specified in settings.