500 Internal Server Error when selecting Unsplash background image

Hi! I’m trying to make use of the Unsplash background image feature. Everything’s fine until the end – I can select a background option from the List properties, see default Unsplash images, search and see results for images. But when I select an Unsplash image to use, I get the following toast message and the UI stays parked on the gallery of images:

Request failed with status code 500
Internal Server Error

Here’s an screenshot:

Some information about what I’m using:

  • Frontend Version: 0.19.1
  • API Version: v0.19.2
  • installed on Unraid using the Community Applications with the following extra environment variables:
    • VIKUNJA_BACKGROUNDS_PROVIDERS_UNSPLASH_ACCESSTOKEN = my Unsplash application Access Key. The sample config.yml file reads “accesstoken” on line 266, which I assume is the same as “Access Key” in my Unsplash application
    • VIKUNJA_BACKGROUNDS_PROVIDERS_UNSPLASH_APPLICATIONID = my application id taken from the URL, as instructed in the sample config.yml file (line 270).

I’m not sure what I might have missed. I’m so close, seeing and searching Unsplash within Vikunja. I just need that final selection to work. :grinning:
I wish I could supply some logs, but I’m not sure which ones or where I would find them. If anyone has an idea to try to get me that last piece home, or how I can provide some more useful information, please let me know.