"Your Vikunja account will be deleted tomorrow" -- forever

I created a test user that I want to delete. I logged in as them then triggered deletion and received the expected warning. Unfortunately, now that the deletion time has passed, I see a “Your Vikunja account will be deleted tomorrow” email every single day; the account never gets deleted. Here is a screenshot:

Any idea how to make Vikunja really delete a user?

Quick update: I checked my deleted items folder and realized that it is saying that “your account will be deleted tomorrow” every day since 9/27.

Does your user have a default project?

In that case, check out

And Delete user account doesn't work · Issue #83 · go-vikunja/api · GitHub

I deleted my post and then realized that I did it too soon. I go into the upcoming deleted account, delete the value in the “Default Project” and then save. The field is then blank. However, when I return to the settings page, the “Default Project” fee has the same value as before. What am I doing wrong?

That sounds like a bug. I’ll have a look.

In the meantime, you can remove the default project in the db with the following sql statement:

update users set default_project_id = 0 where username = 'your username';

(make a backup first)

I can confirm that this worked. TY!