How to delete users?


I installed Vikunja on my self hosted server - and I really like it!
After installing and testing, I have a question: Is there any possibility to delete a user which is registered in Vikunja via the frontend? Or do I have to delete in somehow directly in the backend? Thanks in advance for a feedback.



P.S. If you are interested I can offer you support in translating the frontend to german.

The frontend is not capable of deleting an account (nor is the api) but we have that on the roadmap. The tricky part with this is to delete everything the user has done (tasks, lists, comments etc) not only the user themselves. To do that, we need to first find a way of handling shared lists/namespaces where the user is the owner.

Translation for the frontend is also planned at some point, it’s just low priority at the moment - I’ll notice you once it is translatable.

Thank you for using Vikunja.