Wiki.js Implementation

Hey together,

Ive been working a long time with jira and confluence. The implemented a feature to link these both.
I think this would be great for vikunja too. A big advance to all the other task organizers.

What do you think?
Lets discuss about it

What would an integration between the two look like? Can you share an example of how it worked in Jira / Confluence and what you liked and disliked about it?

I made things up and created some screenshots.

This is the opened task. And the possibility to link some documentation pages to the tasks.

This is if I click onto the page. (embed view would be great i think)

I want to make the task attachments more flexible, so that they support things which are not files. That could allow what you’re describing. Once that’s implemented, we maybe even can add this without any code changes in Vikunja, simply by pushing via the api.