Webhook troubleshooting help

Vikunja 0.23.0

I’m trying to set up webhooks but I appear to have either missed something fundamental during setup or I’m doing something wrong.

I created a test project for the purpose, went to webhooks, and subscribed to all events. My target URL is a n8n test webhook endpoint. If I curl to that webhook endpoint, the request is visible in n8n.

I then created a task, added a description, added a few comments. None of these things logged any data on the n8n side.

The Vikunja log doesn’t appear to show anything related to webhooks whilst I do this.

I tried explicitly setting VIKUNJA_WEBHOOKS_ENABLED: true and restarting, (and creating more activity within my test project), but no change.

I enabled VIKUNJA_LOG_LEVEL: DEBUG and was able to get this:

[36m2024-03-24T14:56:09.311988669Z: DEBUG ▶ models/sendWebhookPayload 198e[0m Sent webhook payload for webhook 4 for event task.comment.created

But still, no actual webhook appears to be sent.

In contrast, I can curl the webhook URL from inside the Vikunja container and receive a response from n8n:

{"message":"Workflow was started"}

How can I verify what/if is sent or otherwise further troubleshoot what exactly I did wrong here?


Obviously, it would help to specify the HTTP Method correctly in n8n (i.e. as POST instead of GET)!

Works fine now…