No events for webhooks

Hello, i was trying to set-up webhook for project, but in demo app, there is planty of events for it. But when I run Vikunja on our server i cant setup webhook, because there arent listed events. What Im doing wrong? Thanks!

Which vikunja version are you using?

FE: 0.22.0 (docker container)
API: v0.22.0 (installed from .deb)

Which response do you get when you access /api/v1/webhooks/events? (open the network tab in your browser, then navigate to the webhooks settings on a project)
[HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error 25ms]
{"message":"Internal Server Error"}

That’s not the url I meant, but still an error 500 means there’s a problem. What do you see in the api logs when making that request?

Jan 09 21:18:43 app-python vikunja[35923]: 2024-01-09T21:18:43.145582433+01:00: ERROR        ▶ handler/ReadAllWeb 3d51 no such table: webhooks

Sorry, for /api/v1/webhooks/events ive got 404

Looks like this is the problem you’re encountering: ERROR: relation "webhooks" does not exist at character 105 · Issue #104 · go-vikunja/api · GitHub