Vikunja via Apache (Laragon) - localhost via "http://192.168.xx.x/..." does not work

I’m hosting Vikunja via Apache (Laragon), also Kanboard, and I’ve started the binaries of Vikunja before trying to gain access on “http://192.168.xx.x/…”. It does not work in my computer where binaries and Apache are installed and running and also locally on local devices connected to the same network. I’ve tried to run Vikunja from Apache (http://localhost) to android mobile. It needs to be "http://192.168.xx.x in browser. But when I will run this address, it shows nothing. With Kanboard it works as expected.
Kanboard works correctly with “http://192.168.xx.x” in all local devices in their browser. Vikunja does not work.

Does it work for anyone?

Nobody has the same issue?

Nothing or a “Cannot reach this address” error page from your browser?

Nothing, just a blank page.

Even in a private tab?

Yes, the same problem.

Anything in the browser console? (F12)

This looks like a rewrite or proxy issue. What is the response if you open the asset URL in the browser it complains in the console?

The response is:


That looks like you didn’t set up the asset hosting correctly. But it does work via localhost? Did you set a server name?

Yes. I’ve tried rewrite the config file but nothing helps. It does work only on localhost, but only with Laragon “Vikunja.test” ServerName. 192.168.xx.x does not work at all (another tools such Kanboard) works correctly.

But your ServerName is always Vikunja.test?

Yes, only there it works