Vikunja Desktop not working since upgrade to vikunja/vikunja

I am having issue only with the desktop app on Windows 10 running version 0.23.0 since I upgrade my docker compose installation to the new combined API vikunja/vikunja.

I update the new VIKUNJA_SERVICE_PUBLICURL and can access it from the app and any browser but the desktop app just gives ‘Could not find or use Vikunja installation at “”. Please check if the url has the correct format and you can reach it when accessing it directly and try again.’

I’m not sure what I am missing in my setup and I don’t see any other related posts.

Of course I haven’t been able to find the for a couple days, but after submitting this I find it after a couple minutes.

The fix was to add VIKUNJA_CORS_ENABLE: true to the docker compose environment.

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