Unable to Confirm User Deletion

When I try to delete a user using the cli command (and the -n flag), the console prints out the message asking me to confirm the deletion, but it doesn’t wait for my input before giving the following error:
“cmd/func24 05a could not read confirmation message: EOF”

For context, I’m running Vikunja in a docker on Unraid using postgresql 15 for the database. I’m running the unstable image due to another issue where the latest image was throwing internal errors when trying to make changes to the database. TIA for any help you can give!

Which CLI are you using to run the command?

Unraid CLI. The console for the docker container on unraid’s community apps doesn’t seem to log into the container with the full path.

Running the command:

docker exec vikunja-api /app/vikunja/vikunja user delete 2 -n

Output looks like:

2023/09/14 16:57:40 No config file found, using default or config from environment variables.
2023-09-14T16:57:41.011868892-05:00: INFO :arrow_forward: migration/Migrate 056 Ran all migrations successfully.
2023-09-14T16:57:41.012009788-05:00: INFO :arrow_forward: models/RegisterReminderCron 057 Mailer is disabled, not sending reminders per mail
2023-09-14T16:57:41.012059142-05:00: INFO :arrow_forward: models/RegisterOverdueReminderCron 058 Mailer is disabled, not sending overdue per mail
You requested to delete the user immediately. Are you sure?
To confirm, please type “yes, I confirm” in all uppercase:
2023-09-14T16:57:41.01221333-05:00: CRITICAL :arrow_forward: cmd/func24 05a could not read confirmation message: EOF

Does it work if you run the docker command with the -it option?

Well, duh. Of course it needs to have the interactive flag! :zipper_mouth_face: :sweat_smile:

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