Unable to archive list


I always get an error when trying to archive a list

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’)

This is understandable on https://try.vikunja.io/.

I am currently using the following version:
Frontend-Version: 0.18.1+1769-d996e39a86
API-Version: v0.18.1+234-acaa85083f

What is the result of the archiving? Is the list hidden?

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Thanks for the heads up.

The problem you describe should be fixed in 2b8a786825. Please check in ~30 Min again on try.

When a list is archived it is hidden in the menu and you can’t create new tasks or change anything in it.

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Thanks for the fix. I am currently using the unstable version (vikunja/frontend:unstable) is that correct?

Frontend-Version: 0.18.1+1887-8eed0be072
API-Version: v0.18.1+259-951d74b272

Because I get another error now:


It looks like there’s been a problem deploying the unstable version with the fix, please update again and check if the error is gone.

Now it seems to work.

I still get the message “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘title’)”, but the list is gone anyway.

Is there any way to retrieve a list from the archive?

I was unable to reproduce the error, when does that happen?

Under the “Namespaces & Lists” menu entry there’s a checkbox “Show archived” to also show archived lists and namespaces.

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It happens everytime i archive a list:

This has been fixed in the meantime.