Time estimation for tasks

Hello !

What’s the opinion of including an option in the task creation widget for Estimated Duration?

I was thinking of letting a user write in there the estimated time for completing the tasks, and this would automatically set the start date by subtracting this estimated duration value to the due date.

In this way, it is then possible to better use time-blocking features over CalDav protocol, as I am already using the Kalendar app. However, for now I’ve to set manually the start and due/end dates for each task, but with an option that would do this automatic for me would be amazing.

Please let me know your thoughts on this!

I’m not sure if a general “estimated time” would make sense, as you’re describing it it looks like you’re looking mostly for a way to use the start and end dates more quickly?

Right now when you set a start date and the task already has a due date, it will set the end date to the due date. But I guess in the feature you’re describing the main advantage would be that you wouldn’t need to manually calculate the start date based on the duration you want?

I think part of the advantage is that if you put time estimates on things first, it becomes easier to put them on dates and feel confident that you’ve allocated enough time for all your tasks.

It is exactly this @kolaente !

Could this feature be considered and put into the backlog ? :smiley: @kolaente

I can’t promise anything but we might consider this in combination with better time-blocking features.

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Thank you for considering !

I would also love this :slight_smile:

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I would definitly use that !