Team members cannot see project

I have spun up a vikunja docker container to test and play with before deciding if we want to fully adopt it. Seems solid so far. Has most of the features we need.


Having a little issue working out why team members cannot see projects. I have added a user to a team, and have given that team read/write permission to a project. The user can see tasks within that project if they are assigned, but they cannot see the project itself on the Projects page.

Is this the intended behaviour? I would have assumed that adding a team to a project would make that project visible to team members. I want team members to have visibility of all tasks on a given project, even if they are not currently involved in that task. We are a small team so projects as a whole are very collaborative rather than compartmentalized.


If you share a project it should be visible for the other user. Is the project you shared a sub project? Does it work if the other user reloads the page?

I just tested again with a different user and it did seem to work as expected.

The original user still couldn’t see it until a hard refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R). Perhaps some page caching issue?

Thanks for the response.

Glad it works!

It won’t automatically update the list of projects, you’ll need to refresh the page.

I understand that - the page was left and revisited many times. A normal F5 refresh or reloading the browser was not enough. A hard refresh which bypasses caching seemed to be required.

Are you able to reproduce this on try? (you can register a new account)