Specific weekdays repeat mode


It would be nice to add a specific weekdays repeat mode, similar to how phone alarms work.

It would be something like:

  1. Select Set Repeating Interval button
  2. From the Repeat Mode dropdown, select Weekdays
  3. Instead of a specific interval, toggleable weekday buttons appear.
  4. Once set, clicking done will repeat the task to the next applicable selected weekday from today.

Thanks once again.

You mean the ability to repeat a task that repeat daily, but only on configured weekdays?

Not exactly daily. It depends in what weekdays are selected.

Let’s say I want a task repeated each Tuesday and Thursday. That means that if a Tuesday or a Wednesday I mark my task done, the new due date will be set to that week’s Thursday. That same Thursday, if I mark the task done, the due date will be set to next week’s Tuesday.

All in all, the repeat interval will be relative to the distance of selected weekdays:

  • Task set to repeat on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Mark task as done in Tuesday, next due date in Thursday (2 days)
  • Mark task as done in Thursday, next due date in next week’s Tuesday (5 days)

Hope I’m making sense. Thanks for replying.

I think we mean the same thing, makes sense the way you described it.

I’d love this feature. I’d also love to have the ability to repeat on certain days of the month, ie “Last friday of the month”