Show progress indicator for task relations

Hello again, from day one trying Vikunja, I found it confusing that there is a manual progressbar feature but related tasks do not trigger any progress indicator what so ever - would be fancy if those relations would trigger that bar.

By the way i think that bar has no dark mode yet. :slight_smile:

An argument can be made that this would conflict with people wanting to set the progress manually… i dont have a clear answer for that, but personally don’t see a real usecase to set it manually right now… of course i cant speak for other peoples workflow here. Maybe disable it if a task has (checked) relations.

A second argument can be made about having two progresses, but this conflict is already there and this feature would not really change it. However instead of the bar, it could hook into the progress circle instead, because its purpose is very similar and only differs by being only known to people who speak markdown.

The checklists have a progress indicator:


Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?