How to manage users in self-hosted instance?

How do i add/delete users manually in my self-hosted instance of Vikunja?

Note: User-registration has been disabled via the config

You’re probably looking for the vikunja users cli commands: CLI | Vikunja

So this can’t be done via the UI?

No, only via the CLI.

Jumping in late, since I just installed via docker - any plans for a user management dashboard?

Love the app so far, but this would really be killer.

We’re currently planning to provide a user management dashboard as a paid addon.

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Huge +1 from me too. Glad to see this can be done via CLI but a web UI would be very very nice.

@kolaente - if this were a paid addon, any idea what the pricing would be? Is it a buy me a coffee support the project amount or is it business grade pricing (unobtainable for homelabbers)

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Pricing is not decided yet but it would be aimed more at businesses. I’d like to have some option for homelabbers as well though, open for ideas.

Curious, as a homelabber how many users do you have? How would you benefit from an admin panel?

In theory, its a nice to have. Theres no reason why the cli method isnt usable, its just more hassle/not viable on mobile etc

Im up to 2 additional users at the moment (mainly close family members so we can have shared projects/lists etc).

Vikunja is an amazing tool so id happily make an occasional one time donation anyway, but if we can get access to slightly more functionality while supporting the project, that would also be awesome.

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One idea I have is to have a variant with the enterprise features which costs a lot less but can only be used with a maximum of 5 or 10 users.

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That could work - maybe even add a 3 user tier too. Maybe github/coffee sponsors could inherit the 3 user tier?

Would you be looking at one time, monthly or both?

Leaning towards monthly / yearly but not decided yet.

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I personally would mostly use Vikunja alone.
But if I want to share one project with someone, for example if I’m doing a project with someone else, it would be useful if I could easily create a new account and give it access to the project.

Currently, I would need to activate registrations and hope nobody else would register in that timeframe.

One possible way of providing something for homelabbers could be a slim version of an admin panel.
Only a user invite and deletion system with some stats of storage consumption per user.
This would probably be enough for most family and friends projects.

A more feature rich version could be licenced.
For example, with limits on Attachment size for each user or a group system.
Those would be options which would be more used in a business/commercial environment and not by homelabbers.
Integration for Third party login like Azure AD or social login could also be a paid feature.

This sounds like a perfect use case for link shares tbh.

What don’t you like about using the cli for this?

To be honest, it’s a convenience thing.
It’s easier for others to log in to their accounts to enter multiple projects instead of entering passwords for every project.

I’m not very comfortable in the console.
A basic user management in an admin area would be easier and also more accessible for new users.

I remember that I gave Vikunja a look around two years ago when i was a neewby in self-hosting and dropped it because I had no clue about cli.

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Btw. I totally get that you don’t want to release a full-featured admin interface for free, since the development isn’t free.

That’s the reason why I had the idea of a free and a paid version.

How do I access the command line for a docker instance.

I tried

docker exec -it d048490da7a0 /bin/bash

and got

OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: exec: “/bin/bash”: stat /bin/bash: no such file or directory: unknown

Check out the docs: CLI | Vikunja

Just noticed a typo there: it should be the vikunja container since there is no API container anymore.