Setting up repeating interval from the current date requires clicking "SET A REPEATING INTERVAL" twice

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a new task on Kanban board
  2. Click the task to edit it
  4. Change “Repeating mode” to “From current date”

The interval setting disappeared.

Expected result:
The interval setting stays where it was and the user can continue tweaking its parameters.

Nice catch. I’ve pushed a fix in a5687d78f5. The CI is currently building a new unstable release with it, please check with that in ~30 min if the error is solved for you (should be ready on try in ~30min as well).

Thanks! I am using a Docker image (vikunja/api). Is the fix also there?

It was a frontend bug, so it’s only in the frontend container (vikunja/frontend). Since it’s not yet released, you’d have to use the latest tag to get the unstable build.

Seems to be fixed for me, thanks!