No longer able to properly move tasks between Kanban columns

After updating the unstable Docker image a day or two ago (including the removal/change of the proxy) just today I noticed a rather annoying bug.

After trying another update (that didn’t fix the issue), the version that’s now reported is v0.23.0+413-ecd002dca3.

Since the data is work related, I can’t provide a dump or anything, but here’s what’s happening:

  • Let’s say I’ve got three Kanban columns A and B.
  • Column 1 has tickets 100, 101, and 102.
  • Column 2 has tickets 200, 201, and 202.
  • Column 3 has no tickets.

Individual tickets/tasks work just as expected. You can create them, you can edit them, you can delete them, etc.

However, once you try to move cards between columns, things start acting weird:

  • If I move ticket 100 to the second column, the change appears visually as you’d expect. The card is moved.
  • After reloading the page, ticket 100 now appears in both columns at the same time.
  • This is permanent, even after clearing browser cache or using a different browser.
  • If I move either card for ticket 100 to the third column and reload the page, there’s now a copy in both the first and the third column. The one in the second column disappears.
  • If I move ticket 100 from the third column back to the first column, I end up with two(!) entries for ticket 100 in the first column.
  • After reloading the page once more, the duplicate entry disappears and you’re left with just the original ticket 100.
  • I could be wrong, but while I tried to record a demo of this, it seems as if it only happens with old tasks that were created before whatever has changed.

I assume moving the cards no longer clears the original reference/position in the DB or something like that? If there’s some table I should check, let me know.

P.S.: I’ve experienced something similar before, if I enabled repeating for a task by accident, but that felt intentional. These tasks all don’t have repeating set.

Edit: Seems like it affects new tickets sometimes, too, but not always. Kind of odd.

I was unable to reproduce this. Does it happen with new projects as well? Or only with old projects?

Did only a bit of testing and so far it seems to not happen with a new test project. The affected projects were originally created some time in November 2023 with a few image updates in December and February.

I can confirm the same behavior on version v0.23.0+425-cc6801c5b1. I set up this instance about a week ago and the tasks I created on the first day are affected while the ones I created yesterday are not.

Any chance you can figure out which date/time (or revision) your original version ran on? This might give us some clue.

I can indeed, it was v0.23.0+288-2fff9f1c59.

This should be fixed in 7b8fab33a5. Please check with the next unstable build once it’s ready (~45min) or on try.

Note that you might need to move the duplicate tasks between buckets and reload for the fix to take effect completely.

I can confirm this is fixed in version: v0.23.0+483-0557d4b5bb.

Yep, ditto! Seems to be fixed here, too.