Quick selection in Settings -> API token -> Create Token

Request for a minor enhancement:
Today, creating an API token requires a lot of clicks and some kind of insider knowledge about the underlying data model.
It would be great if there could be at least a “Select all” option or maybe some meaningful predefined groups.

I love the idea of meaningful groups for this. I’m unsure if there should be a “select all” option, as that will probably lead to people just using all permissions without thinking about what they need - which may lead to potential security issues down the road.

Which groups do you think should exist?

It is not uncommon to create API tokens with full rights, so ‘Select all’ (and unselect all) is what I would prefer. This would not overcomplicate things. You are still able to restrict rights from there. It’s just an UI convenience.
The next iteration on this could be to have “Read only” as a subset and maybe then “Read Tasks” / “Write Tasks” and “Read Projects & Tasks”, …

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