Quick Add Magic "This Week"?

Is there a way to use the quick add magic to add a due date of the current week or by the end of the current week? Thanks.

You can enter a date which will then set as due date. From the docs:

Right, I looked through these. I was just wondering if there was one like the existing “End of Month” but for the current week.

Did you try “Later this week”?

Yes, that just moves it two days out for me at the moment. Just was looking for a way to move it to the end of the week. For some reason “Clean the room Sunday” isn’t working for me either though. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong?

What does it set the date to if you do “Clean the room Sunday”?

It looks like this works if you do “something next Sunday”, but only if you click “add task” right away. It did not seem to work when I entered other text after it.