Adding reminder with Quick Add Magic

I would love to be able to setup notifications directly from Quick Add Magic (with either Vikunja mode or Todoist one), as this functionality is missing.w

There is an item in the backlog about adding default reminders to a task when creating them with a due date. Would that work for you?

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That seems to be fine for most of the cases, but sometimes I need to specify few notifications (remind me one day before the date, 1 hour before etc.).

Do you have anything specific in mind for the shortcut?

With todoist it was:

You can set a reminder for a specific time (like “!3pm”), for after a certain amount of time has passed (e.g. “!2h”), or to make sure you get notified an X amount of time before your task is due (e.g. “!30mb” or “!30min before”). Todoist will even understand when you add a reminder for “!later” (i.e. 4 hours later), “!tomorrow” (i.e. the next day at 9:00 AM), or “!ev sat 9am” (i.e. every Saturday at 9 AM).

Got used to “!” it, don’t have any idea which different key whould be applicable for that

Currently, ! is used for priority. I’m sure we will figure something out.

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