Implement "after" keyword in Quick Add Magic

I understand it’s already possible to calculate the next due date based on the date of completion using the From Current Date repeating option.

It would be nice if this setting would be available through Quick Add Magic. Remember The Milk uses the “after” keyword.

Vikunja example: Visit dentist 1st May after 6 months

  • add new task “Visit dentist”
  • set due date to 1st May
  • set repeating interval to 6 months
  • set repeating mode to “From Current Date”

RTM Reference: Remember The Milk - Help › What format can I enter repeat intervals in?

You can already set a repeating interval with quick add magic with each month or every week (Check out the “?” icon in the task input field for a full list).

So your suggestion is basically to add after to this to make set the repeating mode to “From Current Date”?

Correct, after would be a brand new keyword which would trigger the “From Current Date” repeat mode if it was used instead of every or each. Otherwise these keywords would work exactly the same.

Sounds like a good addition - I’ve added an entry to the backlog for this.

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